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The karma payouts definitely need to be increased. With the old system you could get up to 10 karma points per hour. Now you need 1000 rep which looks like it's going to take atleast 1 day to get for 1 karma point.
If you could get 10 karma points an hour, then hats off to you, that some serious grindage . 4 per hour is sort of max for me, I think (I find majors too grindy after a while).

If you buy the cheapest "Ex Inanis Weapon Cache" for 250 PG and 2,500 scrip you get 1 Karma point. If you do 10 event majors at max earnings, thats 275 x 10 = 2750 PG = 11 Karma points. So that's not too bad I guess, but the loot table is far bigger (all 51 weapon types, 3 synergies etc I think).