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    Quote Originally Posted by bClark View Post
    The karma payouts definitely need to be increased. With the old system you could get up to 10 karma points per hour. Now you need 1000 rep which looks like it's going to take atleast 1 day to get for 1 karma point.
    If you could get 10 karma points an hour, then hats off to you, that some serious grindage . 4 per hour is sort of max for me, I think (I find majors too grindy after a while).

    If you buy the cheapest "Ex Inanis Weapon Cache" for 250 PG and 2,500 scrip you get 1 Karma point. If you do 10 event majors at max earnings, thats 275 x 10 = 2750 PG = 11 Karma points. So that's not too bad I guess, but the loot table is far bigger (all 51 weapon types, 3 synergies etc I think).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Light Energy View Post
    Yes, a lot of valid points and food for thought. I look forward to seeing how it plays out...1 week to get the Perfected weapon of your dreams fully modded would be nice for players but way too fast (and unlikely given the numbers). If it takes maybe 6 months...personally I don't have that kind of time. I guess Trion have run the numbers and calculated how long it will take a player to obtain the 'ideal' weapon of choice. There is a whole range of factors involved: including how many in game hours are required, whether the player is doing the high PG earning stuff or not etc.

    I think there will be a lot of players selling/trading Perfected weapons which do not have the right synergy, nano etc for them.
    If you have what your friend wants and vice versa, that's cool.

    The same may apply to the mods. It costs 1,000 PG + 10,000 scrip for a Mod Crate, with a 1/3 chance of being the right synergy, then a 1/4 chance of being the correct slot and maybe 1/2 chance of being the correct type... about 4% chance in total of being a particular mod you need. Therefore, people will be wanting to trade the other 96%.
    Great example/breakdown of the mod percentages...eye opening considering the amount of time and effort that could be involved in acquiring mods.

    As far as the amount of time/effort it takes to get the "perfected weapon"...( and I know you were just throwing examples out there )...even a week to get 1 perfected weapon won't go over well....at 6 months, I dare say that most, if not all patron holders ( or just players in general ) say their goodbyes to Defiance.

    For "the next best thing" or Jackpot hunters...which, let's be honest, represents the majority of players and almost all Patron holders....anything less than what they can earn (jackpots) now, in terms of time...would be discouraging and a step back for them in the game.

    That's to say if a player for example: can't get enough PG currency ( 1500 ) to buy a weapon (karma earning) box and a mod box from say, a single siege...it will be a step backwards. A player can receive both a weapon and mod as well as a karma point ( roll ) from a single mjr arkfall now, in the same amount of time...as well as earn a little scrip, rather then have to spend it.

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    could the afflictor be changed to a blighter
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    Warmaster doesnt reward any of the new currency.

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    With this new "perfected" jackpot structure am I right in thinking that we will be able to obtain a dynamic plate slicer blast rifle? Is that how this will work...and if so, in the future, like how we supreme weapons now, will there be a system put in place which would allow us to be able to make our current jackpots a "perfected" jackpot weapon, such as a Supremed Dynamic Until Death?
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    What is the pts freebie code for this PG?

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    I still dont see an FRC Assault carbine in that list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skiller115 View Post
    What is the pts freebie code for this PG?
    No code that I know of, when I logged on in my claims was a bunch of stuff that when claimed gave you what you needed. Kind of like a starter pack so to say.

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    Will the ex inanis runners be put in a set permanent location or will the locations were you find them change?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mckllrx View Post
    Will the ex inanis runners be put in a set permanent location or will the locations were you find them change?
    So far I have found the runners at Iron Demon, Crater, Alcatraz, Overpass, Headlands Transit Depot and Shondu
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