In all my 4 years of playing I have never ever soloed a major arkfall from start to finish and with this new update on PTS. I was bored and saw a Hot Summer Major popup on the map and thought oh hell lets see if ya can do it. Took out the 5 shards and then hit the major and was doin great till the second to last wave and they overwhelmed me (hemmed myself in backing up to a obstacle) and down I went but got back up and finished it.

Wow what fun it was great and the rewards were too. At ego lvl 5606 with just an Oblivion, never touched my secondary;
Score 184395, 403 kills, 1 down , 275 gulinite, 30 AF, 10000 salvage, 21 keys, 10000 scrip and 200001 xp.

Honestly The Most FUN, I have ever had in all my 4 years of Defiance

Leave the rewards as they are, if you want to add to them fine BUT DON'T TAKE AWAY FROM THEM .!.
They were the frosting on a near perfect cake and made it all worth while