I've not been able to use the PTS since I do not have a computer that can run it, however from what I've read from the official posts, I just have a couple of idea's I'd like to get out there.

Maybe a SPECIAL yet RARE Gulanee Arkfall. Not like Arkbreaks, just a regular major arkfall. Maybe like a rare event that occurs and gives (double?) the amount of Purified Gulanite as an event major (or any other major for that matter)

I've also been thinking about the 5 ways to get Purified Gulanite, and I was disappointed when I didn't see 1 specific way. PVP. I really enjoy PVPing and I run about 50+ matches a day (if I have the time) since it's one of my hobbies in defiance. I'd love to see Purified Gulanite get added since more people would likely join in PVP.

More idea's may come soon, but these are just two little things that I personally would like to see.

Thank's for taking the time to read!

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I've been thinking while doing a daily expedition. Maybe a Gulanee expedition. I know that "Dekuso's son" is a boss in one of the expo's, but why not an Expo that's just Gulanee? (Very weak Gulanee. Each would look like Dekuso (I guess dekuso LOOKS like a Gulanee, right?) Anyway, the little Gulanee mobs would be the enemy while you work to the end of the expo, where the enemy would be a powerful Gulanee or something like that. Maybe something a Gulanee created? I'm not good with these kinds of idea's, but I think it might be pretty cool.