Introducing: The Gulanee

The Gulanee are a rarely seen Votan species whose bodies are composed of an array of energy producing gasses and a viscous core. Although most believe they are simply a big ball of luminescent light, this is far from the truth. The energies in the bodies are of various densities and compositions. These energies do not mix, instead entwining and swirling about in a chaotic dance, like blood rushing through veins. Some forms of energy are light rays that would simply disperse if not for the will and complex containment suits of the Gulanee. A Gulanee outside of his containment suit cannot survive for more than a few hours before his will collapses and he loses vital forms of energy, dying. Formed of energy, they also consume energy, something that poses a threat to any frontier town struggling to produce fuel for the community. Other threats they present are radioactive leaks and communication interference. This makes them unwelcome in most outland settlements.

Gulanee are strange beings, misunderstood by all, even the Votans. They were the only species to live on their own planet, a gas giant called Gula. They were only discovered during the Votanis Collective’s intergalactic quest for a suitable energy source for the exodus to Earth. After eventually deciphering the inaudible language of the Gulanee, the Votanis Collective made a pact with them to siphon energies from the planet Gula for their arks in exchange a portion of the Gulanee species would accompany the arks as emissaries. Most of their populace stayed behind, confident they would endure the destruction of the sun Sulos. With such a small contingent included aboard the arks, it is rare thing to encounter the Gulanee in the New Frontier.

Introducing: The Ex Inanis

A faction of the Gulanee, calling themselves Ex Inanis, seek a new resource: Purified Gulanite. These Gulanee have found a way to live off of the energy provided by Purified Gulanite, which allows them to enter the towns of Paradise without absorbing all the power around them into their energy based bodies. They enlist members of their faction, called Runners, to trade for this valuable resource from Arkhunters so that they can continue to thrive. What is their mysterious intent?

NEW CURRENCY: Purified Gulanite

Purified Gulanite has been added to the game as a brand new currency and can be acquired from the following:
  • Expeditions
  • Emergencies
  • Sieges
  • Arkfalls
  • Contracts
Due to this, we’ve made some adjustments to how existing currency and rewards were handled:
  • Caeruleum Cores have been removed from the game
  • For event related Arkfalls, items are no longer awarded upon completion and items no longer drop during the Arkfall
  • Currency reward payouts for Arkfalls and Sieges are now score based
    • A minimum score of 25k will be required to receive rewards
    • A score of 75k will get you close to the max payout
    • A score of 150k will get you max payout
  • Currency reward payouts for Expeditions will be based on the Tier and Round – The higher the Tier and Round, the more currency will be earned

Beginning on June 30th and lasting until July 5th, we will be offering free Purified Gulanite for all players who log in. Login each day, between 10AM PT and 10AM PT, and receive 250 Purified Gulanite!

NEW VENDORS: Ex Inanis Runners

Collect Purified Gulanite and scrip to trade to Ex Inanis Runners in town for boxes that contain your favorite synergies and mods!
  • Current boxes will contain the Spinal Tap, Plate Slicer, and Sustained Suppression synergies
  • Each synergy will now pull from a set of weapons that will include weapons that have never before been tied to those synergies.
  • Each synergy will pull the same weapons regardless of the synergy. Weapon types listed below:

Each Runner sells a variety of boxes that contain weapons and mods. All items are rare or better and will be associated with one of the 3 current synergies.

Also, every weapon purchased from an Ex Inanis Runner will have the Ex Inanis Manufacturer bonus: 2% ammo regen every 10s!
  • Ex Inanis Supply Cache – Contains 1x Random Weapon or 1x Random Mod
  • Ex Inanis Mod Cache - Contains 1x Random Mod
  • Ex Inanis Weapon Cache – Contains 1x Random Weapon
  • Artillery Weapon Cache – Contains 1x Sniper Rifle, Detonator, or Rocket Launcher
  • Infantry Weapon Cache – Contains 1x Assault Rifle, SMG, or LMG
  • Mercenary Weapon Cache – Contains 1x Pistol, Shotgun, or Infector
  • Assault Mod Cache – Contains 1x Assault Mod
  • Detonator Mod Cache – Contains 1x Detonator Mod
  • Infector Mod Cache – Contains 1x Infector Mod
  • Shotgun Mod Cache – Contains 1x Shotgun Mod
  • Pistol Mod Cache – Contains 1x Pistol Mod
  • Rocket Launcher Mod Cache – Contains 1x Rocket Launcher Mod
  • Sniper Rifle Mod Cache – Contains 1x Sniper Rifle Mod

All of the boxes sold by the Ex Inanis Runners will have premium versions available on the store. Premium versions will:
  • Always contain Epic loot or better
  • Have a much higher chance to drop Legendary mods or weapons
  • Have a much higher chance to drop Perfected Weapons

New weapons known as Perfected Weapons replace the old jackpot structure. Weapons within certain synergies have a chance to roll a perfected version, which will contain one of 3 different manufacturer bonuses:
  • Dynamic: +10% Increased Damage, +5% Rate of Fire / Crit / Reload / Mag / Recoil / Accuracy
  • Precise: +10% Increased Damage, +10% Crit / Reload / Accuracy
  • Berserk: +10% Increased Damage, +10% Rate of Fire / Mag / Recoil
These new Perfected Weapons will roll with random bonus stats, and will always be Legendary. In addition, we have added MORE weapon types to some of the most popular synergies, which will result in brand-new weapon/synergy combinations! In addition, all Perfected Weapons will roll with a random nano, and explosive weapons can now contain the Syphon nano!

Perfected Weapons have a much higher drop rate compared to previous jackpots, both from the Ex Inanis Runners and from the Defiance store.


This enigmatic Gulanee, who is rumored to be the leader Ex Inanis, has been seen in a few emergencies in Paradise. He is wily though, and will only remain for 2 minutes after the emergency has ended. During this time, you will be able to purchase the following items from him in exchange for Purified Gulanite:
  • Jackpot Weapons – Available weapons will rotate each week
  • Perfected Weapon Box – Contains 1x Perfected Weapon
  • Legendary Mod Box – Contains 1x Legendary Mod (untradeable)
Seek out this mysterious Runner to get the best loot in the game!


Karma is no longer accumulated from in-game events. Instead, Karma will now be granted when you purchase any box from the Ex Inanis Runner (mod boxes will contain karma, and will drop a Perfected Weapon from the pool of all weapons if a karma perfected is earned). Each point of karma you earn will now appear in your chat window, and will increase your chance of obtaining a Perfected Weapon.

Karma earned through the Defiance store is tracked separately as usual, and will also contribute to the chance of obtaining a Perfected Weapon.

The Karma system is still limited to Patrons only, and is not accumulated unless you have an active Patron status on your account.


The reward structure of PvP has been altered:
  • Normal rewards for match completion will no longer be awarded
  • Medals earned at the end of a match will now give reputation and arkforge
  • Echelon contracts will no longer reward Arkforge, and will reward Purified Gulanite instead
  • Map specific Echelon weekly contracts have been removed