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    To be a valid entry heed the rules! The date is not visible on a few of these entries
    Quote Originally Posted by Altras View Post
    Rules & Entry
    Screenshots/pictures must clearly show the following to be a valid entry:
    Character Name and Ego
    Time and date(under compass)
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    I can make exceptions as long as the character name and Ego shows. Basically to show that your not just cropping someone else's picture.

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    wooh finally after what felt like a month i have found him

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    Py'Numbra Sighting

    Py'Numbra Sighting.jpg
    Found him
    Attached Images

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    Hard to get good shot he is swift lol
    Thank you again team Cronus for giving all the platforms the opportunity

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    I just wish I could find Py in the first place....
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    I finally found Py'Numbra! He disappeared before I could buy anything though. I thought he was supposed to stay for 2 minutes?

    And Altras please let me know if the picture I posted works.
    Sorry I could only get half my screen in the pic because of the way my tablet is but I got my character's name and ego in. I hope that's okay lol
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    I found him, after an entire afternoon (and night) of grinding. Worth it. G' luck everyone, and Happy Huntin'.

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    Hi everyone !

    Thank you Cronus team !!
    Have fun !

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