So far it's happened three times now that I've completed an arkfall and was going around picking up drops, only to have a random mission spawn in the exact same spot with some feature of it trapping me inside, either as a target for enemies, or in this latest case, completely sealed inside with my roller.

Usually this seems to happen with rocks appearing on my head as some feature of the spawned event with me partially or completely on the inside of them (I'm going to be posting a screenshot of this to Steam later that I'll link here.)

Considering the importance of getting from one arkfall to the next quickly, this ends up setting me back a lot when it comes to my overall score, drops and everything else. Worse, it's just stupid. Why would a random mission drop in the EXACT AREA an arkfall was just cleared from before the area was clear of players, and then trap said players on the inside of terrain features spawned with the event?

Yes, I'm kinda irked by this, and I feel it's with good reason. Please do something to fix this. A change as simple as making terrain passable from the inside but not from the outside would fix the problem (allowing people to walk OUT of a rock, but not back INTO it, for example) but far easier is to put more of a delay on random missions spawning right on top of other missions, or on top of players.

I like this game, which is why I keep complaining about it. You ask people to invest into it, but you don't fix little, stupid features like this that make the game annoying or outright impossible and unfun to play. Ever consider that if you DID fix those things, this game might increase the amount of of money it brings in?