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    Sup pl8 berserker mass

    Hello, I'm taking offers on a supreme pl8 berserker mass with bio, t4d. Has oj dmg, sup mag, sup dmg mastery.

    Also taking offers on a berserker pl8 courier with bio, t4d

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    What you looking for on the Mass awesome?

    I will start ya with 20Mil scrip.
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    I'm not real sure atm man, just seeing what's out there

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    Curious why youd want to unload such a beauty? If sup, bio, plate, berserker doesnt interest you, what could anyone offer that would? A stack of old jackpots doesnt seem appealing either considering youve probably had them all already. Rigs? Chips? Im at a loss what to offer besides gobbs of scrip....which I dont have by the way. Lol

    Ah... Just remembered I have 600+ loyalty...

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    Looking for a pl8 mass him maybe we can work something out unless it gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by skoobusmaximus View Post
    Looking for a pl8 mass him maybe we can work something out unless it gone
    pretty sure its gone.
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