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Thread: Wtt/wts/wtb

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    Hi i look offers on my jps
    (Trade only)
    T6 Krampus
    Full Modded:3 T4 1 T5 (barrel mod is Full Damage Radius)

    T6 Planck (Rad nano)
    Full T4

    T6 RIP Blast Rifle (Good Rolls)
    Full T4
    Mastered:Fire Rate


    T5 Hurricane Survivor V ARK (no nano res) (offer)

    T5 Ironclad Bullseye IV EX (GA) (Syphon res) (offer)

    T5 Ex Inanis Plasma Blaster (Rad)(Good Rolls) 200k
    Mastered:Full Damage Radius

    T5 Karma (Ego:4872)(offer)
    Full Mod 3 T4 1 T3

    T5 Accelerated Blast Rifle (Bio) 50k
    Full Mod

    T5 HOT Blast Rifle (Bio) 100k
    Full T3

    T5 Ex Inanis Longshot Cannon 150k
    Syn:Plate Slicer
    2/4 syn active (2 T4)

    T5 Ex Inanis Nomad SMG/Pulser (2 SMG 100k)

    T5 CDC Nomad SMG (OJ DMG) (no nano) (offer)
    Full T4

    T5 Immolation Syn:GA (offer)
    3 T4 1 T3

    x2 T5 HOT Quick Repeater (Bio/Syphon) 100k
    Full Mod all

    T5 PV-84 Ghostmaker (low ego) 200k
    Syn Active:3 T4 1 T3

    T5 Dynamic Surge Bolter (Fire) (offer)
    1/4 syn

    T5 Torrid (Ego:48xx) 300k
    3/4 Ego active

    T5 Ex Inanis Mazu Rifle 50k
    1/4 Syn active
    Syn:Spinal Tap

    T5 CDC Mass Cannon (Low Ego) 200k
    Full T3

    T5 Dancer (Low Ego) (Offer)
    Full Modded:3 T4 1 T3

    T5 Ex Inanis Mass Cannon 200k
    Syn:Spinal Tap


    T5 Splash Muzzle V (Offer) (RL)
    Syn:Plate Slicer

    T4 Strain Reloader IV 100k (Infector)
    Syn:Plate Slicer

    T4 Bio-Stabilizer IV (200k) (Infector)
    Syn:Plate Slicer

    T5 Pyro Granade 300k

    Want to Buy:
    T6 Organic Torment (obtained)
    Full T4

    DC-8 Milking Maid
    Full Mod or Unmodded no import

    Turmoil T5 or T6

    Witch Hexer

    Autumn's Scourge Low ego no import

    T5 Mass Extintion
    Full Modded

    Sent PM for Buy/Trade or sell any on my list or find me in Game:SkiiperXero

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    Hi mate, i have a T6 Organic Torment. Lets meet later when i come home,
    maybe i can add any what you like vs. Pandemic

    Greeez Monk
    6000 - Berserkermonk (long & hard way)
    6000 - NurxxLappenhomos
    6000 - Monk_atAsylum
    34xx - Monk_again
    32xx - Monks modvault

    @ NA
    5235 Der Monk


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    Ok in i find in game

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