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    Ya, something needs to be done with the t4 box jp drop rates because most of us year one vets still are having rng issues we've always had. I play and grind a lot and most t4 jps allude me.

    With these new "RnG" perfected jps dropping from the t4 boxes, the win chances need to be greatly increased. If it takes me a month of grinding t4 boxes to pull a perfected and it drops me another random pistol, Im going to be a little mad.

    And why in the world would you make changes to the t4 boxes and leave the old standard syn obsolete gear in there? There is nothing "standard syn" that wanted/needed by the majority.

    Give us something NEW or event related we can use our keys for...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZamboniChaos View Post
    Hey there Ark Hunters,

    On August 1, we're going to be rolling out some changes to the Elite and Premium Elite Lockboxes in order to make the loot they contain more relevant to the current state of the game. With this goal in mind, we've made the following adjustments:
    • The Hand of God jackpot has been removed
    • Lockboxes will now have a chance to drop Perfected Weapons with the Pandemonium synergy
    My question, are the perfected weapons the only items droping with pandemonium syn? Or will the purps n ojs be pandemonium syn too? It would be sweet if the elite crate became the pandemonium crate, similar to ga and aa syns

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