Us vets are looking for players. We are growing everyday but we also weed out the bad (believe me a lot of bad). I am rite on rob a leader in the clan and I do quite a bit of recruiting. I also do a lot of the weeding. Our goal is to have a clan that has class, respect for others, and an understanding that we are a family. We are looking for players new and old, casual or competitive, it doesn't matter as long as your not a disrespectful idiot. If your in a dying clan and want to be around genuinely good people , keep in mind our doors are open and we would love to have you. If your a noob looking to join I would recommend having a mic (not a must) but makes helping you a lot easier and you will need knowledge to get the most out of this game. If interested send me a pm or we can chat in game I'm widow maker rob (riteonrob), see you soon.