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    Zero score for everything I do today??

    I have been doing arkfalls and expos and invasions, incursions, etc today and keep getting ZERO score!! I dashboarded and restarted game...but hasn't fixed the problem. Anyone else experiencing this?? The problem is that because of this big I haven't gotten awarded any PG based on my score....no PG earned. I figure the game owes me a few thousand PG for everything I have been doing today. It registers that I was there....awards any PG based on daily contract completion...but that's it. Just did a major arkfalls in SV and it showed I had no kills...although I did kill dark matter and the boss... It showed I did over 27 million damage, revived people etc...but 0 kills and 0 score....0 PG!!! Please help with this if anyone knows the fix.

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    just a common bug try logging out complety and restart your pc or console.
    the tell should have been your high score.

    you can duplicate this bug doing the daily with the rl while q'ed
    up for a co-op and it starts while your doing daily killing the hellbugs
    with the timer on the hill.

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    This can occur when phasing too, entering and exiting the quick menu usually solves it for me. Idk about consoles though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratpie View Post
    jyou can duplicate this bug doing the daily with the rl while q'ed
    up for a co-op and it starts while your doing daily killing the hellbugs
    with the timer on the hill.
    Ah yes... Hamburger Hill. Knowing that the HH rampage (for daily contracts) can cause this Zero Score bug...I would say it is better to leave that contract until it is the last thing you do before you log out. Then if it bugs things up, the damage is limited . Also, just to confirm, the issue should resolve when the server restarts (it does so every 24 hours).

    See also:

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    Happened to me at a Dark Matter Major in Silicon Valley yesterday.

    0 kills... 0 downs... 8 revived... Score: 0

    Was in the Major before Monolith came down. Check the tab that shows if I got anything, and all I got was junk drops in the end, but no payout.
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    I haven't touch hh in a long time and this happens quite often. Opened a a pc bug for this.
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