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    [SPOILERS] What's Next?

    So for those who have beat all the Main Missions within Defiance, what do you guys think will come next (if there is something)?

    Upon defeating Nim, in the cinematic at Shondu after Torc, John, Ara and the Ark hunter leave.
    A spark comes out from the core which is suppose to be burnt out.
    Not to forget Von Bach alive and some what well.

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    Nice spam
    I think there wont come anything "next" because the missions and storyline are nearly a different dimension in this game

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    Yes, but we have to order the Stories:

    -Both Seasons 1 and Season 2 from Episodes are paralel stories.
    -DLC 1: Castithan Charge
    -DLC 2: Arkbreaker, with Volge invasions
    -DLC 3: 7th Legion, with more Volge to beat up.
    -DLC 4: Gunslinger Trials (because in this DLC, Von Bach was "dead" yet)
    -Season 2 of the main missions, with return of Von Bach.
    -DLC 5: Arktech Revolution
    -Season 3, with the expeditions
    -Season 4, with the Shrill

    My favorite was Season 4, and I wanted to play it again. So sad.

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