T5 Berserk PS Syphn MC T5 reload/launch scope T4 stock,pm
Reload/Dmg/FR/Speed boost/Mag (ala natural) mastery-dmg to multipl targets open negotiations

T5 Berserk PS Bio Mazu BR T4ed(err,pb,hcmag,asslt)
Recoil/Reload/Crit/Shld dmg/FR anything reasonable

T5 Berserk PS Quik Repeatr Fire T4ed(recoil,crit,+mag,sharp)
Recoil/FR/Reload/Shld dmg/Dmg 3M

T5 Percise PS Rad Surge Blaster T5 crit/reload T4recoil/adv sight
Falloff/Recoil/Dmg/Shld dmg/Crit 5M

T5 Percise PS Rad saw unmodded FR/Acc/Reld/ego rechrg/Dmg 500k

T5 Percise ST elet BB T4ed/T5 force accl
Crit/Mag/Reload/speed boost/Dmg(L) Mastery- velocity Throw out a price

T6 Berserk ST Rad GP T4ed/T5 Prox Over Mastery-dmg to multip targets
Mag/Vel/Reld/Shld dmg/Crit/Dmg 15M or bouts there

T6 AA Jury offer No clue

Thanx again for taking up your quality time 2 take a looksee