T5 miasma, t5 mag no other mods - 5m

T6 dc8 2x dmg, 3.5k ego, barrel and mag to syn, 12.5m

T6 precise siphon st invader, t5 bug dmg and t6 fr, no mastery 12.5 scrip or 15m trade

T5 Evo nano fragger (can have 3 in mag) 20m

T6 proliferater (t5 rad hcm & ionic barrel, t4 err and scope) built for crit shots, also re rolled for 0.8 recoil-Taking offers won't accept anything under 60m

T6 P.S. STINGRAY - offer
Link time
replenish mag on kill
dmg charge
max links
-heal charge mastery

I'm looking for p.s. or elec mass cannon and a t4 mg shotty reload mag, if any1 has 1 or has a gun with one on, hit me up