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    It's Defiance's birthday!

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    I have two issues that annoy me one I am constantly getting stuck in my messages and stay glitched there for several minutes some times just saying r for a expo I get trapped n die when the door is opened and second in expos whenever I go to switch guns in forces a load out change instead I mean really and I have also noticed pvp has been extra laggy lately on PS3 version would b cool not to have these issues
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ophidius View Post
    It's Defiance's birthday!
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    Another classic example of getting our hopes up for nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Dbag View Post
    Another classic example of getting our hopes up for nothing.

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    Having to sign in over and over lately is a big thing. Myself have been quite satisfied with game I am disabled and in bed most of the time so it actually gives me contact with the outside world all and all ages. I might be one of the oldest players on here so do you give senior discounts,Lol. There is no such thing as perfect so I will leave it up to the rest to fill you in on the problems the only trouble I am having right now is being kicked going crit constant and Im not getting awarded perfect weapons this month like the last months. So far this month Ive been given 2 perfect weapons. So hope your still there cuz doesnt seem to be nothing happening.

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    Bla Bla bla

    the same blah blah blah always and nothing solved as always parabens already tired of so much conversation bored.

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