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    Quote Originally Posted by taskan View Post
    plein le cul de cette merde trion nous ken nous prend prend notre argent et continue a nous prendre pour des idiots j'ais payer tout les dlc est ils servent a rien
    lol - too funny!

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    Environment: NA/PC
    Name: big_sheep
    Time: Irrelevant
    Context: Dueling, the opponent uses Decoy
    Expected: The decoy should disappear after countdown
    Observed: The decoy dissapears but it left an invisible object in the map. Can see it in the minimap too

    Repro Steps: Duel someone with Decoy and let the opponent uses Decoy many times.

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    Bj de ou trois petit beug remarqué. Critique avec remise à zéro des exped quand on se fait toucher par un conquérant électrique, déconnexion et critique tt les 1/4 h de jeux pr certains joueurs. Aucun arcos ni gulanite ni score sur des activités sur la carte sur certain joueurs après des maj sa arrive fréquemment , après des maj il y a aussi des ville où on peut plus se téléporter risque de critique et de chargement infini , en exped il et très difficile de voir les mobs car il y a de gros coup de lag , il est arrivé que defoi on peut pas finir des exped car des mobs rentre ds les murs , quand on ne est en grp d ami il est difficile de rentrer dans les véhicules sinon le joueur sort tout seul. Il y a même des endroits sur la carte que quand on arrive dessus critiques immédia. Dans le chat de clan les message de clan s efface tout seul merci bonne journée

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    • Environment: EU/NA + PC/Xbox/PS3
    • Name: Johnny Dbag, or any toon this is not specific to just me
    • Time: anytime
    • Context: cyber rig shield chips
    • Expected: I expect the card value on the shield to change to reflect the extra capacity the shield chips add (ex 2.5%, 3.5%)
    • Observed: Equip shield chips in rig, no card value changed on shield, like it does with damage chips for guns
    • Screenshots for PCs: no screen shot needed for this one
    • Repro Steps: equip a shield + capacity chip in a rig, look at the shield card value. does not change.
    I aim to please, I'm just not a good shot.

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    add more bugs

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    so when are we gonna see some fixes? when was the last time something got a fix?

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    • Environment: NA + PC
    • Name: Hartman11c
    • Time: anytime
    • Context: Servers down?
    • Expected: I expected to download and log in to the first game in a seeking a new thrill adventure MMO.
    • Observed: fails to connect after login, "CRITICAL ERROR" - The Defiance services are down. Please try again later. This is what it tells me.
    • Screenshots for PCs: no screen shot needed for this one
    • Repro Steps: Followed the only FAQ from 4-5 years ago and did not apply to steam nor did it help.

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    Is that a serious question?
    Like the old arkfalls you had to bash, then swords were released, and the bullet sponge patch and the arkfalls lasted seconds, solution, can't fix so delete.

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    Please сhange characteristics of the weapons, purchased for the reputation of the Defiance Few. It is worth many months of hard rep-grind, but actually useless even in a sieges and incursions on “Threat 10”.
    For example, my Defiant Few Bloodhound inferior even to the conventional Bombardier-SMG that you can easily get from the regular key-boxes. It's just ridiculous!

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    Dual Shockers had an article on 12/11/17 that said they saw current gen version of defiance and had a meeting with Trion staff in which they discussed this game coming to current gen consoles, as well. Why is there no chatter on the forums about this? Why is there no announcement from Trion on these forums that at least says that Trion is working on current gen version? "Throw me a frickin bone here"- Dr. Evil

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