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    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    Hey R1p,

    We actually have a fix for this issue internally, and are testing the results. We think this has to do with mission progress, and hope to have a fix in place soon. Thanks for the report!
    if its of any help, i experience it on characters in my signature as well, and they both have completed all the missions long time ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSW View Post
    if its of any help, i experience it on characters in my signature as well, and they both have completed all the missions long time ago.
    Same here. Storyline completed years ago but I'm still experiencing this issue.

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    Environment: PC/NA
    Name:Infinity Eagle
    Time: Always
    Context: Crash when pulling chips from rigs
    Expected: Pull chip out of rig and switch screens
    Observed:Pull chip from rig and try to switch screens and crash
    Repro Steps: Try to pull chip from rig

    And a PS. also happens when pulling mods from weapons
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    Alright, here I go:

    Number 1:
    Environment: PC/EU
    Name: ATTEE
    Time: always
    Context: Running game in fullscreen mode on high resolution screen (3840x2160), using Alt+TAB to jump out and back into the game after looking something up in a browser or anything like that
    Expected: The game to work normally after switching back
    Observed: The mouse pointer becomes inaccurate, the more close the pointer to the lower edge of the screen, the more its off point (the actual clicking position is below where the mouse pointer is shown)
    Note which button is selected, and which one has the tip of the pointer on. The selected one is below the pointer.
    Repro Steps: Run Defiance on a high resolution screen in Fullscreen mode (true fullscreen, not Windowed (Fullscreen) on Windows 10 with Creator Update (the issue appeared after Defiance got the patch for the Windows 10 Creator Update crash issue)

    Number 2:
    Environment: PC/EU
    Name: ATTEE
    Time: always
    Context: Running game in fullscreen or windowed mode with higher resolution than 1920x1080
    Expected: The health bars that usually appear above enemy NPCs to shown at correct position
    Observed: The health bar, the name of the enemy, and the amount of armor plates it has is stuck in the upper left area of the screen, like its restrictred to only the upper left area. The higher the resolution, the more apparent this phenomenon.
    Screenshot: Defiance_2017_08_14_22_22_07_581.jpg (This picture was originally taken at 3840x2160, see the unresized one here)
    Repro Steps: Run Defiance on a high resolution screen in Fullscreen or Windowed mode with higher resolution than 1920x1080.

    Number 3:
    Environment: PC/EU
    Name: ATTEE
    Time: always
    Context: Typing in chat while the activity I was doing ends and shows the rewards screen
    Expected: To allow me to continue typing or to allow me to reactivate chat and continue the sentence and send it
    Observed: The chat window disappears, and after the reward screen is closed, you can't continue the already typed text, not even if you activate cursor mode and click on the typing bar. If you click on it, the keys you press will do the normally binded actions, like tossing grenade and such, pressing enter will just erase the text without sending it. Same phenomenon occurs if you die while typing in chat.
    Repro Steps: Start typing in chat before an arkfall, siege, incursion etc. ends, and wait until rewards screen pops up. For other variant of the same issue: start typing in area with enemies, get killed, the chat will be closed.

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    Environment: NA PS3
    Name: Tauriiel
    Time: Always
    Context: The Expedition Gear Chests (for pursuits) never count for their intended pursuit in War Below caves. War Below cave gear chests result in Stolen Purpose getting the credit. Not sure if this is intended, but Stolen Purpose gear chests seem to count for itself no matter the map, yet War Below chests only count toward their individual suit when in bunkers.
    Expected: I expect for the chests I find in expedition to count for the expedition I'm currently doing as it's very tedious to keep relogging hunting down bunkers.
    Observed: Gear chests counted for the wrong expedition, and not War Below which is the last pursuit I need in the game.
    Repro Steps: Find me a cave map in War Below with a gear chest and yes - - watch as the chest doesn't raise the ticker for the WB pursuit.

    • • • • •

    Environment: NA PS3
    Name: Tauriiel
    Time: 3:58 AM 8-14-17
    Context: Enemies in Heaven Sent have the ability to phase through solid surfaces like through/into walls, doors, and into the ceiling making it almost utterly impossible to finish the map without misusing decoy - - or praying that a bug gun's bugs reach / your sword is long enough. (Har har) Humour aside, it's actually very frustrating and last night my team and I couldn't manage to get our brood lobbers to kill the guy that Scotty only half way beamed up.
    Expected: For the enemy NOT to moon bounce himself into the roof?
    Observed: Enemy gets an A+ for survival instincts.
    Picture: http://i.imgur.com/865nQXK.jpg - there is also a thread with more information here.
    Repro Steps: Not sure how to recreate this. Enemies have a random chance of phasing through or into things, and sometimes it's just impossible to get to them thus we have to leave match and start over. Seems to occur frequently, especially when they're getting their butts kicked and turn tail to run away.

    * * This doesn't seem to be an issue exclusive to Heaven Sent (and I can attest to the fact that enemies in other maps also manage to find themselves behind things they shouldn't be able to).
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    Environment: PS3 NA
    Name: Jimmie Mac
    Time: Always
    Context: Turning "Double-tap to roll" off in settings does not save.
    Expected: When you turn "Double-tap to roll" off in settings it should save this value after logging out or quitting the game.
    Observed: Every time I log into the game "Double-tap to roll" is turned on regardless of how it was set when I last logged out or quit.
    Screenshots for PCs:
    Repro Steps: Go in to SETTINGS from the Radial menu. Use R1 or R2 to navigate to the CONTROL tab. Set the value for "Double-tap to roll" Off. Logout or quit the game and then log back in or restart the game using the same character. The "Double-tap to roll" value will now be set back to on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r1p View Post
    Environment: PS3/NA
    Name: r1p
    Time: always
    Context: Explosions 101 co-op.
    Expected: The cut-scene before fighting the Hulker to play only once.
    Observed: The cut-scene repeats multiple times.
    Repro Steps: Enter the room for the Hulker in the Explosions 101 co-op.
    Hi , I believe this happens because there used to be two hulkers in here and it was only when it was changed to one hulker that the cut scene started repeating itself

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    Environment: ps3/na
    Name: Mckllrx
    Time: anytime
    Context: anywere,i try to reload a shotgun or mass cannon(happens on alot if different guns idk all)and mostly in pvp and expos
    Expected: to reload the full mag
    Observed:sometimes only reloads part of the mag,not the full ammount
    Repro Steps:try to reload
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    • Environment: PS3 NA
    • Name: Johnny Dbag
    • Time: Any time, more prevalent during incursions
    • Context: While being grouped with friends, a friends will get kicked out of the group, but still be in the group. Their icon on the mini map changes to blue (if in clan) or purple (if not in clan) and they are not able to enter my vehicle. They still show in the group list, yet they are not really in the group. Seems to happen often while chasing the small nodes of an incursion in the SF area. Happens frequently when I am grouped with my clanmates or friends, not any one player in specific.
    • Expected: Expect group members to stay in group and be able to enter my vehicle
    • Observed: Group members are not really in the "group" and are not able to enter my vehicle.
    • Screenshots for PCs: N/A
    • Repro Steps: group with a friend and drive around. have them exit the vehicle. shoot stuff. try and re eneter the vehicle. watch for their icon to change to blue while still being in the group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZamboniChaos View Post
    Ark Hunters,

    I know many of you have been eager to hear news about the future of Defiance and where things are headed.

    What we're looking for is insight from the community to help us identify specific issues or bugs that the team may not be aware of in order to help us plan for future improvements and fixes. First, we'd like to narrow down exactly what we're looking for by eliminating some common topics:

    • General stability (Disconnections, crashes, invisible enemies)
    • Inventory updates
    • Feedback on changes to fundamental mechanics/systems

    The only reason we want to avoid focusing on these topics here is that the team is well aware of these issues. This thread is primarily to collect information on lesser known bugs that may have flown under the radar so the team can plan and adjust their priorities accordingly.

    If you have any bugs you'd like to report...
    So you finally get some more help but you are going to ignore the bugs n problems that everyone wants fixed and look for new problems that only affect a few? Why not fix the things that really matter instead of looking for new ones to ignore?

    This sounds like a solid plan and great use of resources, fixing things almost no one will notice...

    I guess now would be a good time to admit to the community that you cant or wont fix those things so players quit blaming weapon classes, play style, multi boxers, or afkers. Its in the code!! Come clean!!

    After 4 years its time to give the community something it really wants. BETTER INVENTORY MANAGEMENT TOOLS!!

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