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    multiple bugs: patron contracts, loyalty contracts, ammunition

    Hi all, I've encountered quite an annoying bug and was wondering if anyone else had experienced it. First of all patron contracts aren't working properly, in that some say they have been completed when i hadn't even played the game yet that day to have done them, and the rest can't be completed no matter how many times i do it. Another problem is that the loyalty contract has completely disappeared from underneath the echelon contracts, and i'm not sure if that means i'm no longer earning any loyalty reputation but again is frustrating and confusing. Lastly, my ammunition space has largely decreased, meaning i carry much less ammo now and i have no idea why. This started happening yesterday and still has't been fixed.

    If anyone else has had this problem let me know, hopefully it gets fixed soon!

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    Hi , from what you describe it sounds as though your patron pass has ran out

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    Yup, your patron pass has expired.
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    Oh okay, makes sense, thanks guys! So do i no longer receive any loyalty respect points?

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