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    PS3 NA Sword Battle Atop Golden Gate Bridge!

    Join host DEATHACEJR (Evelyn Sharpe) and the rest of 187 Syndicate in a Sword Battle on top of Golden Gate Bridge!

    Event Date - Saturday, September 9th.

    Time - 8:00 PM EST (5:00 PM PDT)

    Starts at 8:10 EST (5:15PM PDT)

    Prize: T5 T4ed Aculeata

    Come join us in having a fun sword fight atop Golden Gate Bridge!

    (Created by Tauriiel )

    PS3 NA
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    Reven Sharpe - 481 EGO
    Ember Alvarez - 513

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    I'm on 360 NA, but I wanted to say that's a really cool idea!

    GT "Slurpee xD"
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