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    Quote Originally Posted by CalamityDusk View Post
    You can't bunny hop with Infectors anymore. Now it's either a nano fragger mass blaster badly bolted or br that'll kill you. Nothing else
    Awesome news. I'll have to try some pvp tonight. Bunny hopping with an infector was a lame tactic anyways.
    I aim to please, I'm just not a good shot.

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    Calamity is useless now in pvp, 6 rockets and there shield was still up lol

    Was fun dusting off the predator whilst it lasted
    -Anto PC NA

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    Sounds like a certain someone is getting catered to. Feel bad for all of those who dedicated so much time, energy, and resources to get the chips they needed to overpower their weapons only to have them castrated. It's bs.

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    more changes are coming you can read up on them here

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