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    Armament Box Weapon Pool

    I was thinking an update to Armament Box weapon pool is about due as we are almost half-way through a year to next armistice and drops have been less then exciting, at least for me and others I know.
    Maybe winnow down the amount of guns in the loot pool. I know there are people that are fans of the guns I don't like so this could be tricky to please all. But I don't think we need almost every possible weapon type in the game in these boxes with only jps of certain types.
    Possibly even update jps/bring in ex inanis style perfected weps. I pulled my first and only arm. jp like 2 months ago. It would be nice to get more, but I'd be happy with a change to a smaller amount at this point. Also would be an excuse to bring these boxes back to bit store.
    Just a thought as I contemplate spending my weekly rep buying boxes for a bunch of blues and the occasionally useful purple and the hope of an oj bull rush or auto-shotty.

    Maybe we get enough community support something may change before we get to next armistice.
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    Been seeing an awful lot of "III DX" shields drop in Tier 3 and 4. To me, those are a nuisance and should be removed.
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    after my PP runs out i'll buy the smallest PP
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    Sorry man, I'm a vet, been around since day one....spent lots of cash in my vajaja.

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