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    [EU] Trade: Legendary/Orange BMG


    VOT Spanner (Orange)
    Level 554

    Drains life and shields of enemies, can also recharge the health of friendlies.

    Synergy: Run-n-Gun
    [1] +5% Movement Accuracy
    [2] +10% Movement Accuracy
    [3] +10% Accuracy and -10% Recoil at low health
    [4] +20% Accuracy and -20% Recoil at low health

    +1 Max Links
    10% EGO Power recharge on full reload

    DMG/Sec 462
    Heal/Sec 389
    Link Range 6
    Reload 0.5

    Gamertag: xeqtR x

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    For sale, or Trade for Orange AR/Sniper

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    My offer is 10k if you don't find anyone else. BMGs are nearly useless for players that does not want to heal themselves or others faster then the shield would. You may find another interested buyer that offers more. Good luck.
    Ego Lvl 2524
    EU Server: If you have an orange weapon you do not need, contact me on Xbox Live - I'll pay 20k+ scribs for every weapon.
    GT: ili Vortex ili
    Amount of Legendaries owned: 18

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