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    Reticle Macro's becoming a problem.

    There's been an increase in players that were decent, suddenly becoming impossibly godlike overnight.

    A Reticle Macro fire's your weapon when the crosshair is pointed at an enemy, and turns red.

    The easiest way to spot this in PvP is noticing snipers only fire and hit. The gun wont fire if they aren't aiming at you. You can test other players yourself by doing the side step dance most snipers do when engaged. If they only fire and hit / never miss (and consistently, like players in question will have been playing for years, then seemingly become gods in one day.) then its a strong possibility something fishy is going on.

    This isn't to be confused with snap headshots, some players are just crazy good and I accept that. But when you've known these players for years and suddenly they've become impossibly accurate, can't help but feel something isn't right.

    End Rant, thanks for reading. Stay vigilant.

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    Yeah something seems wierd with a few players at the moment

    It's funny how they didn't use to be that great using a caustic venom. Now there all 1 shotting with quick repeaters lol
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    havent touched defiance for a bit but it sounds like hell atm. Overall quick repeaters were always strong because of its fire rate
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