Probally you are doing some things wrong. I play this game for 4 months and can kill anyone doing the right things. Of course there are more skilled players, with lots of good equipments, and they will be harder, but not imortals.

1 - First of all, watch your ego, makes a lot of difference a 5k to a 6k ego in pvp.

2 - Aim for the head, that's the main goal in pvp with bullet weapons.

3 - Choose weapons that fits your play style but also are goon in pvp. I recomend a short-mid range and a long range. If you dont have a good aim, go for a infector and a grl. If you do, try a blast rifle, a mass blaster, a nano fragger or the nano pump-up shotgun that i forgot the name, or a detonator, plus a semi auto sniper or an assaut rifle with mid/long aim.

3 - Upgrade your weapons. Strong players invested lots to get a nice mastery (dmg/fire rate) and good rolls (crit and dmg in golden and oj lines).

4 - Know the map. And take advantage of it.

5 - Play with your team. If you rush into 3 players, you will probally die...

6- Train your skills. It takes time and pratice to use weapons in their best way.

7 - The most important : have fun.

8 - Or forget everything I said, get in a cerberus turret and kill everybody hahahah

I dont kow if I can post a video here, if dont, please tell me and I remove it. But with 4 months of play, here is me kicking some old school players ***** hahaah