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    Spirit Festival 2017 [All Platforms!]

    Feeling Festive? Join us in celebrating our 3rd annual Spirit Festival!
    From October 13th/14th until November 1st
    submit a screenshot of your character at
    Extra Life Arkfall or Hulker Hell Arkfall
    and post it here to be entered into a raffle sweeter than candy!

    Grand Prize Winner will receive: Triple Costume Pack Bundle!

    Bundle Includes:

    Earth Defender Costume Pack:
    - Earth Defender Outfit
    - TR-0R Flare Pistol
    - Grim Reaper Truck
    - Protection Pumpkin Spike
    - “Earth Defender” Title

    41st Century Agent Costume Pack:
    - 41st Century Agent Outfit
    - TR-04 Courier
    - Wicked ATV
    - Ammo Pumpkin Spike
    - “41st Century Agent” Title

    Lost Warrior Costume Pack:
    - Lost Warrior Outfit
    - TR-0R Ground Pounder
    - Grave Digger Buggy
    - Damage Pumpkin Spike
    - “The Lost Warrior” Title

    - Gemini XIII Outfit
    - “The Right Stuff” Title

    5 Runner up winners will recieve: 2 Perfected Weapon Crates!

    Two guaranteed Perfected Weapons!

    Get your entries in before November 1st!

    If your playing on PC/NA:
    Join us October 28th @ 8pm Eastern for
    our Festival Marathon! Hundreds of Legendary
    Prizes to be handed out! See you then!

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    Fun @ Extra Life Arkfall :D

    20171014142501_1.jpg20171013225202_1.jpgThere are some screenshots of me @Extra Life Arkfalls

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    Extra Life event major arkfall

    maxusTHANATOS A member of Cronus clan on PC/NA

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    All In The Spirit Of The Festival

    🆂 🆄 🅿 🅰 🅱 🅴 🅴

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    here's my potato screenshot
    PS3/PC NA

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    ps3 na here
    Danchou - mdarkraciel

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    Hi Defiance !

    Hi everyone !

    In Cronus we trust !

    I wish you luck !
    Have fun !

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    Happy exl

    IGN: Derek Synth
    Attached Images

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    IMG_20171014_010104.jpg Good luck everyone and enjoy the exl event
    Xbox NA: Riyo Chuchi / Volla Enda / Juno eclipce / Darth Aquariuss
    Xbox EU: RYZIX

    Clan: Rifle Legion / Helios Ascending / Valor Legion

    GT: Darth Aquariuss

    Like music? Check out mazeofentertainment!

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    here is mine Good Luck to all
    Ich bin nun mal wie ich bin
    Bin ein verdammter Hauptgewinn
    Nicht für alle, nicht für jeden
    Doch was soll es, ich lebe mein Leben

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