I always found it odd that one of the ego powers and many perks are for melee combat but you can't get much in the way of a melee weapon, especially in the beginning of the game. Survival knives, officer's cutlass, and other items could easily be added for getting people a taste of melee without having it be the energy blades and other later game, special items.

Melee weapons could also have more mods. Improved guard to reduce incoming melee damage, improved balance for a crit multiplier. Things like that would work within the existing system but expand the utility of melee weapons.

The basic slash advances people. No reason for that. This is the light duty attack. Why advance? For the hack, OK, some lunge, OK, but a slash? You can end up stepping forward off a cliff while trying to attack someone. I drowned in the cold water that way just for trying out a sword for fun. Slash, slash, slash, and off the cliff due to the advances, then drowned.