What is being done with the DLC trophy bug fix? I noticed overtime no one over the game has spoken out about it in neither forum Q&A/live-streams, or in the PMs I've sent. For two years, I've sat back and watched so many other 'important' things get worked on to appease the majority of the familiar faces that frequent the community, while one of my keystone subjects gets overlooked and ignored. Stability and PvP... they seem to be the focus-point of all the fixes and labor. Long ago, I was told they don't affect the game-play, but they're a part of the game itself. Argue that.
PvP is a scale you can never balance to make everyone happy, and having the overseers of the game change this and change that frequently, is tiring to watch. Eventually, it all falls back to square one with something being 'overpowered'. Since you don't need to complete all pursuits relating to PvP anymore to reach max EGO, how is PvP something important to focus on?
For the obsequious... The point of this Thread is to seek answers on a very-well neglected bug that involves micro-transactions that can't be refunded by Trion or Sony. 2-3 years later, I see this topic hasn't died, but is being silenced in silence (infractions). The overseers of the game may not reply, but this may be a chance for them to redeem themselves to those loyal consumers awaiting general feedback.