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    Where in the forums was the announcement for new extra life shields? Why aren't there any information on their names and capacity.*

    This is a good example why people have stopped coming to the forums. The forums should have had this information out before extra life went live this weekend. A total lack of defiance promotion. If the information was on the forums it would create more traffic and more buzz about the game. I'm dissapointed i have to rely on the players for information and cant learn about it from a dev announcement ahead of time. This has been a problem for the past 2 years at least.*

    When crap games like candy crush and bejewled get better advertising and promotion than a great game like defiance it's a sad day for a player. This only emphasizes what players have said for years, this game COULD be so much better.

    Is it hard to remember to make an announcement for the community on the forums?? Are devs so busy they can't inform us of new content? Are you the resources stretched so thin NO ONE has time to do this for us?

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    I think if there was an annoncement of the new shields stats, i would have lost some interest : these so called "new shields that can be compared jckpot shields" are just the standard shields with the jckpot cap and without nano. It is a "made in china" version of a jckpot shield, not one that could rival the jckpots such as Darkest Hour/Brief candle : who had higher shield cap but no nano resist or shield effect like life regen. That was a great miss in this EXL.

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    It was here. And is also why I always look at dev tracker http://forums.defiance.com/showthrea...=1#post2046657
    Extra Life will be running this coming weekend, with Hulker Hell to follow shortly behind!

    We have actually made some changes to Extra Life this year. The events will now drop EXL items from the Pandemonium, Guard Armament, Assault Armament and APS backpack synergies. We have also attached PG to the events and golden skitterlings, and created new EXL shields that have the same capacity increases as jackpot shields!
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    I have posted some shield stats here

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