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    EXL Event was awesome

    The EXL event was awesome. I noticed and really enjoyed the gold skitterlings. I saw a lot of people get on that i thought had all but quit. If that don't show how important events are to keeping the game going I don't know what will. the oj drops were more then generous. The major and minor arkfalls were falling everywhere. Recommend upping the damage bugs can take a bit more. The shields are my favorite drop. I was under the impression the event would last only a day and it going through the weekend lowered the rarity and value of items being dropped.But aside from the lag i almost forgot existed it was a success. hope you were able to raise a lot of money. I'm on the XBOX and did not see a donation option in the store. maybe adding one next year would help.

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    yea great event finally got that hicap firewall shield.

    a donatoon button as said above would be good to add next year.

    i give to make a wish founation as well.
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    Finally got a decent shield and made a lot of PGs. The weapons are just meh (at least to me).

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    Terrible event on PS3 NA, in all aspects.
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    Unfortunately on PS3 you couldn't see anything at the majors. The hellion came out the first time then that was it.
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    I enjoyed it, if spawn rate for the majors had been higher it would have spread people out better and cut down on lag.

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    Great event for loot .... several server issues , lag etc but heck , we’re used to that ... I would love to see orange drops to potentially drop from bosses , crates etc in the future ... that beautiful orange glow ... I miss it already ..
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