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    Lightbulb Hulker Hell Oct. 18-Nov. 1

    In anticipation of Halloween, get ready to hunt Hulkers and win prizes!

    From Wednesday, October 18 until Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 10:00 AM PDT/ 1:00 PM EDT / 5:00 PM UTC destroy Hulkers at Hulker Hell arkfalls to earn Purified Gulanite. This limited-time Hulker Hell event includes the following:
    • Hulker Hell Majors and Minors will be occurring all across Paradise!
    • Make your own Hulker Hell happen with the Drag Me to Hell Arkfall Summon when you own the Arkbreaker DLC.
    • Complete the Halloween pursuit to gain the Legacy Hacker Outfit.

    In addition to the Hulker Hell event, Cronus has a Halloween-themed contest, Spirit Festival 2017. From October 13/14, 2017 until November 1, 2017, submit a screenshot of your character at either an Extra Life Arkfall or a Hulker Hell Arkfall and post it here to be entered into a raffle. Players from all platforms can join the fun and earn great prizes! Plus, there will be a special Festival Marathon on October 28, 2017 beginning at 5:00 PM PDT / 8:00 PM EDT on PC/NA. For more details and all the rules, check out the official forum post here.

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    Will the pumpkin heads still drop for the players that never got them?
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    Will the pumpkin launcher pack be available for those that cannot aim in pvp? lol

    Will the servers be able to handle the load?

    I guess two weeks is better than none. Bummer to see staple events only get two weeks of play time.
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    Could you add another week to it? Having an event on while streaming for Extra Life on November 4th would be great. Thanks.
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    Did yall stop making Free To Play Synergies for events now? Im curious im returning player and seeing what will happen with the hulker hell.

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    Yay! Hulker Hell is one of my favorite events. Wish there was a new Halloween pursuit though.

    Edited to add: It’s really disappointing that we don't get purified gulanite for doing Drag Me to Hell.

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    I'll probably end up back to playing the game regularly while the HH's are running since they are the most fun holiday events but things just aren't the same without actual loot being rewarded at the end of them.

    Even if trion no longer wanted to introduce new syns/jps the event could be set to 3 weeks and give each of HHs previous syns and/or jps a new run. Week 1 Purge, Week 2 Hollow Point, Week 3 Sanguine Extraction.

    Hell give us a golden hulker that randomly spawns once per major with a guaranteed purple/oj drop like the golden hbs that last EXL event and watch players flock from everywhere to rejoin the hulker hunts
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