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    Quote Originally Posted by Bentu View Post
    I just don't like the current set up and refuse to play it their way anymore so will spend my time and money elsewhere but of course I'll keep popping back, I mean you can't put 4 years of your life into something and just walk away lol.
    Yes, I can see that...it's not easy when Defiance has become part of your life, when you have invested time (and typically at least some money) in something, for so long. Then there are friends, clan mates and so on. All this Defiance related information we have committed to memory...serves no purpose in the real world. No-one is going to ask you “What rolls do you recommend for this SAW?” when you walk down the street .

    There are push-pull factors with Defiance...and personally the push factors have been been increasing and outnumbering the pull factors for a while...yet I still keep tabs and "touch base" with a few friends still immersed in the game . There are 3 new members in the Dev Team...so I still hope that future changes may help with the pull factors.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bentu View Post
    That said something that would work for me would be to build up the rep from the event arkfalls and then buy those jps or weapons from Pn with that rep.
    If you replace rep with PG...that sounds like what we are doing now...earning and spending PG. What would be the benefit of the rep? Could we spend it in any faction, maybe some kind of Universal Faction Reputation? If PG could be converted into any faction reputation, that might be interesting.

    I think I mentioned this before on the forum...but if we could convert X amount of PG into loyalty...it might enable players to save up a lot of PG and then buy something from the jackpot vendor that they have wanted for a long time (instead of waiting for it to appear in Py Numbra, when there is a sudden jump in numbers of that JP and a subsequent corresponding mod shortage).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Light Energy View Post
    No-one is going to ask you “What rolls do you recommend for this SAW?” when you walk down the street .
    next time I see you I'll ask you this question

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