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    More Trick than Treat

    The Halloween holiday bundles come with weapons that seem to need a little help. I understand that they might not be intended to be the best weapons out there, but of the ones you get, only the multi-pumpkin rocket is worth it, unless you like to manually detonate grenades, but even it has issues.

    The pistol is 1 shot and very slow reload. If it was 6 or 8 shots it would at least be close to the other fire starting pistols.

    The Great Pumpkin launcher is WAY too slow both in path and reload. It is only useful for humor value and very hard to actually hit anything with. If the projectile was 2x as fast I would not be able to walk faster than it... walk, not run, and the reload is so slow that once you shoot it, if you have any aggro, you will never reload.

    The multi-pumpkin rocket sometimes reloads 1 instead of 5, and sometimes it does not reload.

    The lobber is manually detonated and not much of a load. Some people like the manual, so I get that. I like self detonation on clusters. So really, it needs a couple more base ammo.

    The sawed off shotgun fires a single, lobbed shot. This is very odd since no other one I know of does this. I think it needs to be more like other shotguns... or spread fire 2 pumpkins with more speed and range.

    And the summoned pumpkin bomb is VERY rare. OK, 30 seconds between chances to get one, but I have seen an entire summoned arc fall without one pumpkin bomb showing up.

    In fact, since things are being pushed to ex-anis, you might need to re-examine all the holiday bundles to make them more in line with present weapons. Not perfected ones, per say, but at least more in line with the present line of above average things. Then it would be worth it to use them.

    Oh, and the heavy duty truck you get says it is the toughest civilian vehicle in the description, but the SUV has more HP than it does. So it is not the toughest.

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    They need work for sure. The great pumpkin is one of those weapons that become god tier the more work and practice you put into it.
    Its suppose to reload 1 even if the mag cap is 5/6. The reload is so slow that thats what it does. If you have leverage toward reload itll reload 2/4/6. nothing in between. The summoned pumpkin bomb is a constant extra bomb and never fails for me (even with lag itll still appear). You need to have two pumpkin weapons equipped for the synergy to work however.

    You can increase the Great pumpkins velocity with a t5 stock and t3 velocity roll (highest vel roll). You can also add vel chips to ur rig if you want more but I think t2 vel and t5 rl stock is the sweet point. Its just fast enough to move faster then blurred players but slow enough so you dont miss shots constantly. The pumpkin also has a 8.8 radius which is more then enough to hit something. It can push 10.3 radius which is very close to apoc. If you want 10.3 Put a t5 dmg radius barrel on it and keep the t3 radius roll it comes with (if its t6).

    I cant give any help/info on the pistol/lobber/courier since I dont own one.

    However I know couriers are very fun in general and can be one of the deadliest dmg wise
    Not easy. Just simple.

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