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    DC Universe will shut down on PS3

    The PS3 is becoming a dead zone for online playing. Received this e-mail today:

    From: PlayStation [mailto:PlayStation@playstationemail.com]
    Sent: Monday, October 30, 2017 9:40 PM
    Subject: Changes to DC Universe Online for PS3

    A message from the team at Daybreak Games:
    To the players of DC Universe Online,

    We are writing today to inform you that after many years of supporting DC Universe Online (DCUO) on PlayStation 3, we will officially shut down PlayStation 3 support on January 31st, 2018.

    In order to deliver the highest quality experience to our players, we will focus our resources on further optimizing the game for PlayStation 4. While there is still time to continue exploring DCUO on the PS3, we want to give you advanced notice so you can prepare for these future changes.

    All of your player information, subscriptions, DLC purchases, and game information transfer automatically to the PlayStation 4 when you log in with the same PSN account. If you have not yet upgraded to the PlayStation 4, please consider doing so now, so that you can continue to enjoy the best DCUO experience without interruption.

    We will continue to provide information at DCUniverseOnline.com on any updates regarding this matter.

    The team at Daybreak Games

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    This is the way forward.

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    I am still hoping to get an email like this about Defiance one day.
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    i wonder if that could happen with defiance too. would be great to see it on ps4 and being able to keep the inventary when moving to it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuroro View Post
    i wonder if that could happen with defiance too. would be great to see it on ps4 and being able to keep the inventary when moving to it
    I hope we can at least import our progresses and purchases for the PC in the future.

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    DC loaded slow on ps3 ever since the ps4 update to textures or whatever and I'm pretty sure most players are on ps4 anyway. Wish defi would get brought over and the broken net code or whatevers wrong with the game that causes all the latency and disconnects get fixed. That's one reason I'll never buy patron again. Paying for a broken game with constant lag and disconnects, no thank you. That's part of (I'm sure others too) why I up and rage quit the game. Though after about a year hiatus been playing some defi again despite all the bugginess. Was able to recover my character (rage destroyed everything lol) though sadly unable to recover my gear I had salvaged, but has kinda given me something to work towards I guess. The new vendor is a nice addition, well besides the rng mod boxes, but can always trade too. Be nice if events still had drops but whatever. Idk why they gotta make you hunt down the Py Numbra guy if you want a specific jp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fm0987 View Post
    DC loaded slow on ps3 ever since the ps4 update to textures or whatever...
    With an upgraded PS3 hard drive, nothing ever loaded slowly for me. The same can be said for my upgraded PS4 hard drive.

    On topic: this is something the Defiance developers should've done a long, long time ago.

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    Like SSD? Still, far and few between for ps3 owners I'm sure. I've read about increased performance but people also saying it's hardly worth it, especially for ps3 seems hard to justify. Curious though, I wonder how dc perfirms on upgraded ps3 vs standard ps4. For me, on ps3 (normal HDD), always loaded really slow and invisible enemies taking for ever to render in raids or pvp, falling through the map, etc.

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