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    How can you not get kills with it in pvp when it's basically a infinite mag blast rifle? I get that you move slower but the stats are comparable to a nice br.
    I am getting a few kills but it’s not in a 1 vs 1 situation and please consider the hindering abilities of the minigun. Todays pvp is all about biological movement hindering goo which makes it even worst to perform at your best with a minigun.
    The minigun syn is all dmg but when I compared it with other BRs syn. The other BRs will out class a minigun most of the time. I think omnipotence should get a makeover and if that happens, they should atlease add Life steal to it.

    Simplify. omnipotence needs a makeover.

    I think These super jackpot weapons were not made specifically for combat but just to have them in your loadout so that you can look Kool. I found this out in an expensive way and the real reason I bought them was because I taught they were going to be more powerful then the everyday JPs. I was wrong.

    I have a feeling that the pervious super jackpots weapons will be added to the coming Black Friday bargain box.

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    I just saw you mentioned about the movement ability. @kon.

    The super jp weapons have boil down to 2 Options for me:
    1. Purchase a few boxes for a chance to get a super jp just to look kool.

    2 purchase a few boxes for a chance to get a super jp to in which you know it will be above the rest of weapons and not to be nerfed later on and if there is a nerf, do the players get a refund? Ofc not. So it’s safe to say it’s not a win win for the players but more like a double wammie.

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    Pvp is rarely ever going to be a 1 vs 1. You’ve played long enough to know better than that. I’m all in favor for the minigun to get a 30% buff or so due to the rarity. Will it happen? Probably not but a 30% dmg increase won’t be game breaking and it could possibly give lower ego guys a better chance at getting higher scores at the Diablo incursion.

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    I Think the problem with these super weapon are they did not get proper testing at the time they launch
    and since the DEVs nerf them so bad for PvP why not Buff them for PvE cause they are still useless in Expedition/Arkfalls/Events/Co-op Maps/ ill just run a Blast Rifle and Mass Cannon only time ill equip any of those is if im going AFK just show off. they just don't do DMG in Matchs not just PvP but PvE too.

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    I wish they would atleast consider reworking the Omnipotence syn and dmg, and fix the poor hit detection with the CW, considering how rare and how much u had to pay for these, i don't think it's to much to ask for imho.
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