Update 3 - 2PM PST (10PM GMT) - The team is continuing to work on addressing an issue with the Xbox 360 version of Defiance. Expect another update on our status in 1 hour.

Update 2 - 1:10 PM PST (9:10 PM GMT) - Defiance for PS3 and PC are online and ready to play. We're finishing up work on the Xbox Version as quickly as possible. Thanks all!

Update 1 - 12:20 PM PST (8:20 PM GMT) - We still have 40 minutes until the initially posted maintenance window is complete, but there is a chance we may go over that time. If we do go over our initial downtime you can expect our next status update by 2PM PST (10PM GMT).

Greetings ark hunters,

We're bringing all versions of Defiance offline at 10 AM PST (6PM GMT) on Monday, November 6, 2017 for maintenance and an Ex Inanis Synergy Refresh.

Downtime will be approximately 3 hours.