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    Why play Shadow wars PVP

    Players with shields you cannot break through. Rifles that kill with one shot while you have to hit them 7 or 8 times and sometimes that is not enough. on player cloaked no floating rifle and no shimmer. Blue bar nil red bar full. Cebrous turrets one shot kills some just appear before they knock you over. long periods between games because people not wanting to play. I,m a 6k player with 233 weapons inventory. Full bolt action sniper rifles 15 semi-auto rifles caustic venom etc. Tried them all.

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    why play...

    Because it's fun. Probably not so much if you don't have a decent rig. But there are some decent non no rigs out there. You just have to pair then with a syn that compliments each other along with the correct weapon type. PvP is weird that way. Something that is beast in pve can be impotent in PvP. Yes. Frustrating. And if you're getting dusted in PvP by MB's don't feel bad. Comes Werth the territory. Along with the exploits and glitches. Some can't be helped and others are done on purpose. I'm Ashmedai in game. Look me up sometime and I'll hook you up with a starter kit. **** you can use in PvP and pve.

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    PvP is all about the headshots
    Antony Harrist - PC NA

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