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    cyber rig glitch

    when i go to attach a chip to my rig and i got multiple different chips to select it wont let me go up and down to choose a chip i want to use it stays at the top chip please fix

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    You need to favorite and un favorite the top chip multiple times, then it will let you move down the list. At least that works on PS3. This has been an issue for a very long time.
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    For the xbox 360, let's say you have 3 different defense chips and you want to get to the 3rd one:

    Bring up your cyber rig and select chip slot to place

    At the menu to select which chip to place, pull left trigger to bring up menu wheel but don't select anything. Just bring the menu up and then let go

    This should allow you to move the selector up and down the list of chips to pick which chip you want

    It's a pain but it is the fastest way I have found to be able to select a chip in the cyber rig menu.
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    thank you so much

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