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    Exclamation Thanksgiving Holiday Limited CS & Dev Hours

    Being ArkHunters, we all know that it’s important to take time out from time to time to be with our families and loved ones. That’s why later this week we’ll be a bit MIA as we attend Thanksgiving festivities here in the US.

    Our CS team is offline for all of Thursday, November 23, 2017. This may cause a delay in ticket responses as a result. Additionally, the dev and community teams are officially offline from Nov. 23 – 24.

    We hope you guys and gals have a great Thanksgiving as well and we’ll see you next week!

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    Enjoy! Also, thanks for giving us the Holiday Event!

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    Thank you for giving us a stable connection without Lag and disconnect. It's one more thing to work, nobody wants hahahahah

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    Thank you Yaviey and the team, have a nice Thanksgiving!

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