A weapon class that I never see in PvP are the Light Machine Guns, and for a good reason: they are either useless in a crit-based PvP (Thunders, Mazu Disruptors, Disruptors, Plasma Battery) or are weaker than their Assault Rifle counterparts (SAWs, Rockers).
My original idea to buff them up to viability would be a simple increase of the LMG class's damage to be slightly higher than that of ARs. However, that would only help the SAW and the Rocker, since they're the only LMGs that can reliably crit and hurt while doing so.
I then thought to myself "What if we buffed their damage by a lot but made them less mobile than other classes?". And that's just what I'm suggesting: making Light Machine Guns the slow but powerful weapons they deserve to be.

Can Speed even be changed in PvP?

The answer is yes, assuming the code isn't genuine, authentic Italian spaghetti. Trion has already shown us that they can change two stats per weapon class in PvP:
  • Damage (example: Guided Rocket Launchers)
  • Accuracy (example: Sniper Rifle Hip-accuracy)

These two stats have something in common: changing them would only take a single constant that is multiplied their respective values while in PvP. The same principle could be easily applied to Movement Speed: a weapon provide a different movement speed while in PvP (and since Movement Speed is a possible mastery, then it's quite safe to assume that there's already a base system ready to apply with just a few tweaks, so it wouldn't consume an enormous number of resources).

My goal

My idea is making LMGs something that can be devastating if you carefully select your engagements but easily countered when you're caught in a bad situation. But what is a good or bad situation? Well, these are what propose should be the shining points of LMGs:
  • Choke points
  • Gunning down from a well protected high place
  • Shooting at people trying to leave cover (LMGs would finally be true suppression weapons)

And these are what I would consider it's problematic encounters:
  • 1vs1 fights in the open
  • Close-quarters combat
  • Fights against Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles (slow targets are easy to headshot, especially when they enter Aim-mode)

This would make LMGs tactical weapons instead of weapons you carry around all the time, suited for support and countering purposes:
  • SAWs would be able to kill semi-auto sniper rifle users before they could get a second headshot off;
  • Mazu Disruptors would counter Shotgun rushers before they could get close;
  • Disruptors would lay suppression at long ranges;
  • Thunders would shine as Support weapons due to their emphasis on sustained, non-stop fire;
  • Rockers would be a slower, higher damage per shot alternative to TACC Assault Rifles;
  • Plasma Batteries would still suck because they can't headshot players due to bad projectile hit boxes so nothing changes there;

However, they would have their weaknesses as well:
  • SMGs would be able to rush them easily;
  • VBI Assault Rifles would deal a bit lower DPS but their faster fire rate and movement speed would mean that they would have a much easier time landing headshots;
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles would be able to one-shot sloppy players running in the open with LMGs easily;
  • Shotguns would counter them completely if they managed to get close without dying;

How to accomplish that

My plan is to do the following to achieve this:
  • Change the LMG class's PvP damage multiplier from 0.35 to 0.50 (a 42% increase in damage);
  • Change the LMG class's PvP speed to x0.75 of it's original value (a 25% decrease in speed);
  • Reduce the LMG class's hip accuracy a bit to make hip fire sprays impossible (no LMG was designed to hip fire so this would just keep them from becoming the new Blast Rifle / Mass Blaster);
  • Increase the LMG class's Aim accuracy to allow them to capitalize on their long falloff ranges.


In summation, my suggestion is increasing LMGs damage and Aim accuracy while reducing their Movement Speed and Hip Accuracy, to make them weapons that are powerful under the right conditions but weak if misused.