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    Severe lag Game freezes and disconects

    As I have already complained about this i took a video of last night trying to play....you will see in the video
    i was with clanmembers and grouped chat worked but no gameplay.

    I lost HR in expiditions im waisting patron time sometimes in the middle of modifieing weapons i get dc and oops weapons gone and i had broken down my whole inv before i fav it and lost a few good weapons weapons, because the bars starts to run up and down and i clicked on wrong one,weapons dissapear, do dailies then i finish it have to do it again, the other day i had to do it about 5 times, it gets tireing to try doing this.

    ive lost time on event arkfalls missed half ex life missed good stuff because all this.


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    For two days now, there are big lags and freezes of the game followed by disconnections in a completely random way. Sometimes just click on the button "Please try again" in the window that opens, but more and more often, you have to finish the application with the task manager because you loop on the message "your connection has expired "... Could you check the status of the server Europe please?

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    Yep, EU server is in pain today, a real nightmare to play.
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    It's been horrible today, on several platforms and in different games/web sites. Looks like the DDOS attack is back but very widespread from what I can see.

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    its the same on ps3 na

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    getting constantly timed out...i load the game but nothing else loads...no npc's, vehicles etc...then game times out....over and over

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    This needs sorting ASAP, getting severe lag and disconnects since last patch
    Antony Harrist - PC NA

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    Salute Defiance

    As you know the ongoing lag and gamefreezes and diconections has made it totaly impossible for me to play, i am loosing patron time and good stuff its not worth my money and effort anymore so this is to you check the link: https://youtu.be/S_fauOAt8Vk, if you sorted it, ill be back, playing happily untill then well ......

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