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Thread: Chips market.

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    Chips market.

    Different ojs and supreme chips fresh out the store for sale.

    Supremes :

    Blast Maximizer
    Damage intensifier : pistol
    Magazine augmentor : light machine gun
    Magazine augmentor : rocket
    Decoy sustainer x2
    Projectile accelerator T6 x3

    Oranges :

    Cloak sustainer
    Decoy sustainer
    Shield disruptor
    Shot hastener
    Shot hastener : shotgun
    Shot hastener : assault rifle
    Damage intensifier : SMG
    Damage instensifier : rocket launcher
    Blast maximizer
    Armor eradicator
    Ammo scavenger
    Biological resistor x2
    Incendiary resistor x2
    Electrical resistor x2
    Siphon resistor x2
    Radiant resistor x2
    Core ravager x2

    Trade nano rig for omni rig
    Carnage for Bloodthirsty Revival
    50k each oj
    250k for a supreme

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    I'll buy the 2 DMG diffusors,reload accellarator and the overcharge susteiner. Keep them for me and i'll look for u in game .

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    Damage diffusors x2, Reload accelerator, Overcharger sustainer sold !

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