UPDATE Q1 2018

Defiance Clan: AK THUNDER

The Defiance clan that is exclusive to Thunder Hawk Nation Members.


1. Join the STEAM AK-THUNDER Group to view initial STEAM messages regarding the clan... http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AK-THUNDER

2. Post your Defiance name to the STEAM AK-THUNDER Group. I will then send you an invite in the Defiance. Please note that Defiance players must be logged into Defiance in order to send/receive a Defiance clan invite. So it depends when the clan administrator and prospective clan recruit member are both logged into the game. Accept the Defiance clan invite... that's all, you're a member.

Channel Chat, Discord Chat, Discord Voice Communication
Live Streaming Events and Recordings
Nothing Serious... (no required ego levels or scheduled or required play times)

We are having fun playing Defiance. An open mind, positive attitude, and respectful behavior is highly recommended. We learn and teach each other to help make sure the game is fun for all!