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    I'm still alive....lol

    Just left the hospital after a double spine fussion from a recent at accident. In a lot of pain and ended up with a cadavers bones in my spine..... Not to happy about that. Just hope the bones were not from Charles Manson...
    Hope to be back playing soon once the swelling goes down.

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    Hate to hear about the health issues, I went through something similar with uninsured driver which damaged l2 to l5. I almost lost the ability to walk and was turned down for fusion by everyone. Went so far as to apply for Germany's adr gen 2 program and was denied. Changed my diet and years of inversion and constant ice and I'm back to being able to exercise and even jog. Broken a lot bones racing over the years, triple forearm break is like a walk in the park compared to lumbar discs hitting you s1. I hope the surgery goes well and your are relatively pain free. PM if you even have any questions and will do my best to help.

    Update: Should have specified the diet which is anti-inflammatory, many books online. Its a real pain to follow but it does work.
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