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    Log In to Win

    Not sure if many people have seen this yet but looks like there's a raffle happening for a chance to win super jackpots:


    But the main reason I wanted to post this is to hopefully avoid another sort of misadvertising scandal that happened with the Black Friday boxes & Cerberus pack. If you go to the link above, it says "three lucky players will be walking away with a whole squad’s worth of rare weapons, shields & vehicles"

    However, if you click the "check out our blog" link (pasted below), it takes you to a page where it says "Three winners in total can choose one of the following prizes"


    So does the winner get a whole squad's worth of items or one?

    I think this needs to be cleared up BEFORE the announcement of the winners to avoid further outrage due to misleading info

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    If you Read the "rules and terms" of the raffle,you can see that the prize is composed by all the super jps and the titan vehicle.
    Lets wait for a correction or clarification about this tho.

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    Hey, guys,

    For clarification, there will be three winners total. One for each platform (PC, Xbox360, PS3). Each winner will receive ALL of the prizes listed! We're gonna get that fixed on the blog.

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    Ty Zephkial for the clarification,that's what i got after reading the rules and termos of the raffle.

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    Awesome thanks for the prompt response Zephkial!

    Seemed clear to me too that it was supposed to be all of them but thats exactly what worried me lol.
    Just didnt want to see more angry posts on the forums due to miscommunication after people expected one thing and got another, ya know.

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    Thats a whole lot of shiny

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    Awesome lol

    Good luck y'all!
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    Sorry for this dumb question , where do we log in ? Forgive me , I’m older
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    Pretty sure they mean log onto the game...but I'm a little confused myself.
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