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    Exclamation Submitting Bug Reports

    Hey there, Ark Hunters!

    We have a new format for submitting bugs that we'd like you to use so that we can more quickly and accurately get bugs properly squished! Please use the following format when submitting all future bugs:

    • Time: When did this issue occur? Please be as specific as possible. If it happens repeatedly at all times, please include that information as well.
    • Game Details: What are the name(s) of any involved missions/pursuits/items? Please attempt to provide exact names as shown in-game. What location did this issue occur exactly? Please be as specific as possible.
    • Character Details: What EGO Rating is your character? What EGO power is your character using?
    • Expected Outcome: In one sentence, what did you expect to happen? For example "I pressed the reload button and expected to reload"
    • Observed Outcome: In one sentence, what actually happened? For example “My character danced.”
    • Repro Steps: Most importantly, if possible, please include a list of specific steps we can take to reproduce this issue on our end. These steps need to be something we can reproduce on a new character, not isolated to your character only.
    • Image/Video Documentation: Often the most useful information we can get for bugs will be screenshots or video documentation of the bug occurring. These can be uploaded to 3rd party websites (youtube/imgur) and you just have to include the link to them.

    The more specific information you can provide, the easier we will be able to get to squishing these bugs.

    Thank you!

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    here as well ! they want us kidding

    the bug specifications are a joke. No question about the server ? Nobody cares the time.

    I get a ctd when i mod a active wapon on my loadout ! This is time independent . The moving/glitch from the enemy's is time independent . The spawn point in rocks from the enemys is time independent.
    Where the time has played a role was while solstice-event - this was a completly bug . here the time for you:
    2017.12.11 - 2018.01.01 -> serverkicking, freezing, clippingerror, unsolvable missions usw.

    The difficulty is complete broken and time independent. The detail of my EGO ? This make me laugh !

    How should i record a ctd ? How ? With handycam ? And then i will send you this video via WhatsUp or what ?

    who of you all "developers" has played this game ? This game was never testet !

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    kith and kinship mission bug :c

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slade Wilsonjr View Post
    kith and kinship mission bug :c
    I believe its North American server. Nothing in Kinship Plaza. No enemies except during Swarm.

    Can't progress main quest. Been stuck at EGO 5~ all day (aside from small EXP from grinding repeatables)

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