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    Loadouts disappeared

    When I started playing Defiance 2050, I had all four of my loadouts that I originally had in the 2013 version, now I lost two of my loadouts from the total of four after my first character in the new Defiance 2050 disappeared (level 5/Valen Lestisius/Ps4/ID: Ethromel).

    I had to make a new character, and chose the exact same name.
    (Level 19/Valen Lestisius/Ps4/ID: Ethromel) but now I only have two loadouts.

    Trion can you please fix this? Thanks.

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    At all times, no specific mission or event, PLAYER NAME; "Jake", Load out Slots #1,2 and 4, 0 XP when viewing the load outs. ALSO when viewing the Stats view 0 XP, nothing on the line / bar. Do not know if I am accumulating XP.

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    Can not enter vehicle

    Time : 2:00 am EST, Mount Tam a group member spawns a vehicle and I do not get the "E" to click on to enter the vehicle.

    We both killed the game and reloaded it, same thing happens.

    My screen name "Jake" the other member is "RJJ"

    Truly hopes someone reads my posts and replies to them.

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    No Vendors, or ammo
    7/22/18 @ 23:45 hrs., any location. Player name: Jake
    At any outpost there are no vendors, no ammo boxes, can't spawn a vehicle.

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