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    GOALS for Mirin Exploration II is stell bug on the ps3 now on ps4 please fix it

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    Bulldozza EGO 29, Combat Medic/Assassin gear score 942

    Weapon is on the floor between my legs. No idea when or how it happened thought it was only a visual glitch until I fired a rocket launcher and blew myself up.

    I would appreciate it, if you could make it so my character is able to fire a weapon and kill an enemy without having to jump first. Also grenades are effect by my weapons being in the ground.

    In PvP my weapon is normal.

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    Disappear Item on Inventory

    Disappear many itens on inventory! One blaster rifle synergy Cleasing Napalm, Until Death synergy Flames of Passion, Judge synergy Assault Armament, shield LIP syn Assault Armament. And I don't what I do to have my item back.

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    Can someone help me. I keep getting an error when trying to buy bits. “Unable to purchase bits at this time. Please try again later. It has been like this since April 5th. I contacted Defiance support and they told me; “We are very sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused you. We have looked at your account, and we recommend you to contact PlayStation support directly in order to have this situation resolved.” So I contacted PlayStation support and guess what they said...The in game store as you can see is managed directly by the game servers, the in game currency can only be bought from the game itself and not online being this the main reason why we won't be able to submit an investigation on the store since is not available for our servers.” Can someone please help me

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    BUG: My PS3 freezes (far too many times) at the in-game Merchant...

    (Do we post BUGs here, or as separate threads in this forum?)

    If i turn to the merchant and click right after exiting my inventory i expect to see the merchant's for-sale items, instead my PS3 hangs/freezes and i have to hard-reset it, this is really bad for my console, what's going on, and what do i need to do to fix this problem?

    It only happens at the In-Game Merchant, i can play for hours everywhere else (except when the server resets).

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    assault skills lvl issue

    Hi all , it's the second skill boost i bought just for my assault lvl go from 87 to 88 but that didn't happen. i play Defiance for years now and i'm a fan of assault weaps but in D50 after all those skill boosts my assault skill lvl moves like a turtle and now finally stuck.I'll be glad to see u fix that issue not to mention wasted bits.

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    Fix your eu/na servers on ps3.

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    how about you fix the tickets and bugs that have already been reported before you change the "format" for reporting bugs.. like on the 26 dec time idk but i bought $20 bits pack and still havent got them or a reply to my tickets about two weeks before that when i had 12 loyalty points go missing. oh how about since you started the ss event and lunched the fatal syn why is there no jack pots droping? you want my toon name buy ill give my account name its camerboy101 . lets see if things get fixed or if were all just beatin a dead horse by reporting s**t. i expect youll do nothing to fix stuff i just said. but supprize me i guess.

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    Cody I love u

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    came to ask for help to recover my items, they just disappeared from my account. Some time ago, I was more or less without internet, after that I entered my game and my weapons, shields and items in general disappeared. most of them were good items, the best in the game, as far as I know, it took me a long time to get it and I want to know if the game can help me recover. I can prove that my account was not a hacker because I did not receive any login notification on psn. I will list my items that have been lost, stolen or with errors if the game provides me I would be really grateful

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