I logged in two days ago, and played about 10 min of doing a major event (boss almost was down) then all of a sudden I DC'ed. I tried many times to log in again, but with no luck, so I deleted all my Trion software and re-downloaded the entire Defiance game (over 16 gigs). I started the game and logged into the character choice and chose one of my main toons and proceeded.... Game changes to the loading in the bottom right hand corner.... loading (screen flash)..... loading....loading....until it actually times out.

BUT, I have no issues logging in and creating a new character and actually playing Defiance on the Europe server. No problems. Also I have all the ports open needed to run Defiance (I'm also using Win7)

UPDATE: So I logged back into the UK server to play my new character until the NA server is fixed. But after 10 min of play the UK server has now bounced my connection as well. The Defiance servers are blocking legitimate connections.

Please put priority on this issue as more players are experiencing this connection problem, it's not good for potential business or even the future of this game.

Maybe the DDOS settings where changed so it's blocking real players IP's from connecting to both servers?