Defiance after 4 plus years being a patron for most of that time, has ground me into complete boredom.
I haven't received or brought a weapon in the last 12 months or more that has been worth keeping. With this purified gulanite plus the ex enanis when acquiring a weapon from the king pin its just junk goes into the 77 million ark salvage I have. To think its that hard to get something worth keeping then you need to try 10 time 4 times to be lucky enough to mod the weapon. Like to return to the good old day when a enemy was formed for a length of time as you fought them you received weapons and mods etc to fit the weapons. Now you get the same enemies and are rewarded with purified gulanite, yuk.
Now when the EGO upgrade fills up nothing happens just back to zero.
PVP the part of the game I used to enjoy so much is now so full of cheats that we just become laughable targets.